Outliers 2017 and Uncanny Valley Open for Submssions

It’s time to kick this year’s anthologies into high gear! Honestly I’m usually a lot closer to done by this stage of the game but it’s been a remarkably busy year for me, in some very good ways. Some of you may know that I have a pretty full life in that I have a pretty demanding career and another business in which I am an owner. Both have been going gangbusters this year and it has really kept my calendar full.

That said, I’ve been accepting subs on a sort of casual basis and will now be pressing to get the rest in by November 1, 2017 and releasing both books just in time for Christmas – at least that’s the plan!

We need 15-20 stories for this year’s Outliers of Speculative Fiction check out the Outliers tab for full info on this one. It’s been a pretty great book the last two years. We’ve very well known and truly excellent authors like Cat Rambo and Alex Shvartsman featured in the books and of course a couple of dozen other authors at various stages in their careers who are just wonderful and whose stories cover the gamut of f/sf/h. It’s gotten some great reviews and they were well deserved, if I may say so.

For The Uncanny Valley, pretty much everything is the same in terms of how it works. The difference is that, while OSF is as broad and wild as possible, for The Uncanny Valley I’m looking for a more narrow range of stories. I’m looking for stories that deal with “the phenomenon whereby a computer-generated figure or humanoid robot bearing a near-identical resemblance to a human being arouses a sense of unease or revulsion in the person viewing it”. In the uncanny valley the robot or AI is neither so far from human as to be am appliance nor so near as to fool the human. It’s just other enough to be clearly other and just human enough to be upsetting. Within that seemingly narrow defile, there is the whole universe of reasonable self-preservation, well rationalized bigotry, naked fear, and everything along that continuum. I’m looking for stories that truly explore not just the tech and it’s implications, but also otherness and the dark corners of human nature, where they hide behind legitimate concerns, and where they cause us to ignore legitimate threats. HBO’s Westworld and AMC’s Humans are certainly good examples of these themes but I want something original that brings a different take to the table!

Whether for Outliers or The Uncanny Valley, get those stories in! These are going to be two more terrific anthologies that highlight your work alongside some of the best new and most revolutionary established authors in genre fiction. Every submission will receive a thoughtful response so the worst you can do is get some well intentioned feedback!

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