New Story Out Today in Allegory

So this is out today. FYI, I did a lot of research on this story and put a lot of time into it, but I never felt like I got it quite “right”. After it was rejected a couple of times at other mags I sent it to Allegory because Ty, though he’d never published…

train station

New Story Coming Out

My story “Last Train For Dasha” has been picked up by Allegory and will be available in the November 1 issue. I’ll add a link when it’s available! It’s a supernatural story which takes place in present day Ukraine…On a train…But no fox…and no box.


The Philosophers’ Sport

Every sport has its key characteristic. Football has strength, rugby has toughness, soccer has stamina, and so on. No matter the sport, you can pick a characteristic that is essential to success and it is almost always dependent on physicality—except in baseball. Baseball is unique among sports and often misunderstood. There is no one key…

John W Campbell

Speculative Fiction May Not Be Broken

Fair warning, this is sort of my Jerry Maguire letter to the speculative fiction industry. It’s not a broken industry—it makes money and lots of it, but it is an industry with a noticeable gap in future development that is caused and worsened by misaligned incentives among the producers of the content it needs. It’s…


The Gift of Baseball

I wrote this last year but with the Little League World Series firing up I though it would be an appropriate re-post. As I’ve watched the Little League World Series over the last week or so I’ve reflected a lot on my own relationship with the great game of baseball. As we watch the Series…